Raven cloak

Crow beads

Sparrow singing on a branch

Sparrow the postman

Sparrow and Mimosas

Sparrow chirps

Wavy parrot

Spring in the village

Ducks fly South

Duck in the lake

Duck Pato

Duck Becky


Duck in boots let the boat

Duck with red feet

Duck with a boat

Duck with paper boat

The chicken hatched from the egg

Chick collects grain

Chicken looking for grain

Chick from the pet store

Guinea fowl

Three Chicks in the nest

Aunt Sparrow in a hat

Sleeping chick


Owl in a hat


Owl sitting on a stick

Owl flashlight

Owl with big eyes

Forty coat

Forty and a caterpillar on a branch

The dog and the chicken

And Rowan

Funny penguin

Starling on the tree

Birdhouse on a branch

The birdhouse and bird

Birdhouse for the birds

Serenade of love

Manual pigeon

Happy chick

Bird on a blossoming branch

The bird Sparrow on a branch

The chick learns to fly

Bird Robin

Bird me

Parrot Scully

A parrot with a tuft


Parrot peas


Carrier pigeon

Penguin in scarf

Cock in boots


Cock in glasses

A rooster with a colorful tail

Cock on the fence

The first swallow

Pelican with catch

Peacock with beautiful tail

Dressy chick

Wise owl

Mother duck with ducklings in a pond

Mother hen

The little yellow chicken

Little duckling

Little chick

Small parrot

Little penguin

A little bird on a branch

Curious chick

Forest owl

The swans and the ugly duckling

Chicken in a scarf

The hen has laid two eggs

A hen gathers grain




Dove with flower

Dove of peace

Gena and Cheburashka welcome spring

Galchonok vatika


Two swallows over the house

Home duck

Children feed the birds

Diet and starlings

The tree and six owls

White Swan