Fingerprint Templates

Umbrella and rain drops

Snake drawing fingers


Green kite

Green grasshopper

Green Apple drawing fingers

Green snake

Green machine

Green caterpillar with horns

Yellow chick

Yellow truck with crane

Yellow duck in the water

Yellow corn

Yellow crown

Yellow crown with red stones

Cherries with leaf

A helicopter with a red propeller

Flower with yellow center

Flower drawing fingers

Colored stars

Colorful balloons

Three cherries on a branch

Three tulips and leaves

Three blue flower

Tulips in the brown pot

Pea pod

Ripe tomato

Ripe currants

Ripe plum

Ripe strawberries

Ripe strawberry with a tail

Snowman in green hat

A difficult picture to paint with your fingers

Pink robot

Pink pig

Draw fingers

Paint a ladybug pattern

Coloring notes with fingers

Raduga of five colors

The penguin in the header

Five blue flowers

Steam train with carriages

Vegetables coloring fingers

Orange leaf

Orange tree

And yellow flower


Carrots with tops

Red berries

Red apples on the tree

Red ant

Red heart

Red Apple with leaves

Basket with red apples

Cow chewing hay

Boat with blue sail

Strawberry ice cream

Sour lemon

Female hockey player in the green hat

The bright sunflower


Bunch of grapes with leaf

The bunch of currants

Nest with eggs

Purple octopus

Purple owl

Two flowers to gorskie

Two pea pod

Two ants

Slice of ripe watermelon

Slice watermelon red

Girl lying on snow

Tree drawing with fingers

Ladybug kids coloring fingers

Big green Apple

White lamb on a meadow

Eggplant for finger painting

Butterfly with coloured wings

Butterfly with blue wings